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Comprehensive patient care is the focus at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital of Manlius, P.C. We strive to maintain your pet's health by coordinating preventative medicine services. In addition, our acute medical care services provide excellent scientific medical diagnosis and the knowledge of appropriate treatment. And when necessary, we provide services for the effective management of chronic illness and rehabilitation. Furthermore, we understand the role of the veterinary specialist and the best way to partner with them to provide the best available health care options for your pet.

While most of the health services provided are primary care services delivered in our office, comprehensive patient care also involves considering your pet's functioning at home and the role of family members in health and illness. Our health care team does their best to provide information and involve you as an integral part of the health care provided to your pet.

To schedule veterinary services in Manlius, call the office directly at (315) 508-7884 or complete our online form.

Providing Comprehensive & Compassionate Manlius Veterinary Services

Our goal is to partner with you and your family in the delivery of the highest quality of comprehensive health care to the pets under our care.

The following are some of the Manlius veterinary services provided:

  • Client Education: At the core of all the services provided at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital of Manlius, P.C. is education. All staff members receive well above required amounts of continuing professional education, which improves our ability to educate our clients. Our philosophy is the more our clients know, the better we can communicate with them, the more informed and better health care decisions they are able to make, allowing for a more enjoyable a lifelong relationship with their families' beloved pets.
  • Individualized Wellness Care Plans: We develop a customized health program for your pet with the goal of maximizing health, well-being, and comfort during all stages of your pet's life. This will include twice yearly examinations, recommended immunization based on most current available science and appropriate screening tests as indicated by your pet's age, breed, lifestyle, and health condition.
  • Internal Medicine: Many dogs and cats are affected with general illness, disease, or injury. Our experienced veterinary team is recognized for the management of complicated and difficult medical conditions. Extensive inpatient and outpatient services are provided for the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of numerous nonsurgical diseases and conditions. Furthermore, helping owners understand their pets' health care needs is critical to successful disease management.
  • Dermatology: Thorough diagnostics and treatment plans are provided for animals with disorders involving the hair, skin, ears, and nails. These disorders include infectious and non-infectious skin diseases; parasitic skin diseases; immune diseases; allergy and allergy-induced skin diseases; skin disease secondary to underlying systemic disease; cancer, cysts, and other tumors of the skin; and chronic infections and inflammatory conditions of the ears.
  • In-Hospital Patient Care: Certain health conditions require hospitalization for diagnostic procedures and treatment. The excellent care begins with the entire Compassionate Care health care team providing the high-quality care your pet deserves. Our modern and patient-centered hospital was also designed to provide the necessary facility for superior inpatient health care.
  • Senior and Geriatric Care: As a rule of thumb, pets are considered seniors at 7 years of age. Diseases and declines in body functions are often beginning before a pet shows any signs of problems. More frequent examinations and additional screening tests than when your pet was younger become more important to identify these underlying problems. Early disease detection becomes important since the goal is to maximize your pet's health, well-being, and comfort by the prevention of disease whenever possible. Once a disease is present, its early identification and treatment provides the best opportunity to achieve the highest quality long term health.
  • Dentistry & Periodontal Disease Treatment: Periodontal disease persists as the most common infection seen in veterinary practice today. It is estimated that 80 % of dogs and 70% of cats have gingivitis, the initial stage of periodontal disease, by 3 years of age. Periodontal disease has been associated with eye, sinus, heart, liver, kidney, and neurological disease. However, proper dental care can improve the quality of your pet's life.
  • General Surgery: Our modern surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures. Anesthesiologist recommended protocols are tailored to your pet's needs, using the safest available anesthetics to provide the safest and least stressful anesthesia possible for your pet's surgery. Licensed veterinary technicians are assigned to each patient receiving anesthesia, using the most modern equipment to monitor your pet's vital signs during all anesthetic procedures.
  • Digital Radiographic Imaging: On-site, state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment (both dental and radiograph room) provide high quality image radiographs to aid in the diagnosis of many disorders. Digital radiography reduces your pet's exposure to radiation, improves image quality, and is more environmentally friendly than tradition x-ray equipment.
  • In-House and Referral Laboratory Services: Our hospital's in-house diagnostic services and the expansive diagnostic capabilities of outside reference laboratories are designed to provide for your pet's complete health care needs.
  • Pain Management Counseling: The practice of pain medicine involves a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the pained patient. Research findings and clinical experience are rapidly expanding our understanding of pain in animals. Pain assessment is always a part of a routine examination, allowing the consideration and treatment of pain in every patient.
  • Rehabilitation: Companion animal rehabilitation therapy is becoming an important treatment option. Human physical therapy is a widely recognized form of therapy with documented benefits. Many human treatment protocols were developed using animal models. Now protocols developed in human therapy are being adapted to use in animal rehabilitation therapy.
  • Nutritional Counseling: We provide guidance and education regarding your pet's nutritional needs for each stage of life.
  • Behavioral Counseling: Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital of Manlius, P.C. is committed to improving the quality of life of all animals and strengthening the bond between animals and their owners. Behavioral problems significantly affect the quality of family life and may develop during puppy and kitten socialization and training, as well as anytime throughout their lives.
  • Microchip Pet Identification Services: Personalized pet microchip administration, including free registration, helps to safeguard your pet by increasing the chance that you and your pet will be reunited should it ever become lost.

Call our office today at (315) 508-7884 or complete our contact form to schedule your pet's Manlius veterinary services.

Trusted & Recommended

    My husband and I are so grateful for all of the staff for helping us through this difficult time. While heartbroken, we have full closure on his passing thanks to the entire Compassionate Care team.

    “When my husband and I moved back to New York a year ago, we were nervous about finding a vet that could help us with our cat that had a very long health history. However, we were in the BEST hands ...”

    - Kelly Bracken
    Thank you again Compassionate Care.

    “My husband and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. John Endres, his wife Connie and their staff. Thank you again Compassionate Care.”

    - Kathy White Campagna
    They saved our dog, Maggie.

    “Compassionate Care has a special place in our family's heart. They saved our dog, Maggie... We are so grateful for the excellent care of Dr. Enders and his entire staff.”

    - Aileen Monroe
    Always a great experience!

    “Always a great experience! Caring, compassionate, friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with my extremely anxious mini golden doodle! Thanks Dr. Endres and team!”

    - Jillian Fiorini
    The staff and Dr. Endres are amazing!!!

    “The staff and Dr. Endres are amazing!!! We drive almost an hour because they are SO good to our animals and to us! We not only get the best level of medical care, the level of care, compassion and understanding is outstanding!”

    - Chrissy Rode

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