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Preparing for Your Pet's Appointment

Before Your Pet's Appointment, Please Review the Following Beneficial Information (Especially if This Is Your Pet's First Appointment)

At Least 48 Hours Before Your Appointment:

  1. If this is a referral, have your primary care veterinarian contact us if he or she has not already done so.
  2. For new clients, please fill out and submit the NEW CLIENT and NEW PATIENT forms.
  3. For new pets transferring to our care, complete medical records should be faxed or delivered to our hospital. These records should include:
    1. All medical conditions diagnosed
    2. All physical examination findings
    3. All immunizations and dates given
    4. Copies of all lab results
    5. Copies of radiographs
    6. Any current or prior medications given to your pet
    7. Any known medication, supplement or immunization reactions
    8. Any vitamins or supplements, including herbal and alternative therapies, your pet is receiving
    9. Current diet, special diet or any food not tolerated
  4. Contact our office regarding any preparation your pet needs for any diagnostics to be performed.
  5. If your pet has a skin condition, do not bathe for at least 48 hours (longer if able) before your appointment.
  6. Any other pertinent information should be provided.
  7. Begin making a list of questions to ask during your pet's consultation appointment.


  1. If lab work or other diagnostics are to be performed during your pet's appointment, follow the instructions you discussed and received from our office for the preparation of your pet.
  2. General recommendations for lab work or sedation for procedures:
    1. No food for your pet for 12 hours before the appointment unless instructed to do otherwise
    2. Water may be given until 4 hours before your appointment unless instructed to do otherwise
    3. Medications given orally or by injection should be dosed at their designated times unless instructed to do otherwise
    4. Do not apply any eye, ear, skin or other topical medications unless instructed to do so
    5. Puppies and kittens should not have food or water restrictions unless instructed to do otherwise on a limited basis.
  3. If a fecal sample is required, please collect a fresh sample the morning of your pet's appointment.
  4. If a urine sample is required, please collect the sample in a clean container from the first morning urination. The sample should be stored at refrigeration temperature until the appointment. If unable to collect a sample and if your pet's medical condition allows, do not allow your pet to urinate for at least 6 hours before its appointment.


  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and check in with one of our client service representatives. Any additional medical records or results, as well as other necessary information will be collected. Please provide any fecal, urine or other samples you collected for your pet's appointment.
  2. One of our licensed veterinary technicians will come and talk to you. He or she will ask specific questions regarding your pet's medical history and your primary concerns. They may also provide an explanation of procedures or diagnostics to be performed. Sometimes blood or urine samples may be collected from your pet.
  3. The doctor will then introduce himself and review your pet's medical history and discuss your concerns. Your pet will have a thorough examination. The findings of the examination will be discussed and explained. The diagnostic, treatment or wellness plan will also be discussed. Please ask any question you need answered to better understand your pet's condition or plan. Procedures will be performed after they are discussed and your consent is given. A treatment plan can be provided upon request for outpatient procedures and will be provided for all hospitalizations.
  4. The Compassionate Care health care team will provide you with additional information pertaining to your pet's physical examination and review all recommendations. Once again, please ask questions. Most initial consultations, whether for new puppy and kitten evaluations or for complicated medical consultations, last approximately 45-60 minutes.
  5. Depending on the nature of your visit, the doctor may recommend further diagnostic testing or treatment. If your pet requires an extended length of time for additional procedures in addition to your visit, we will offer you the opportunity to schedule another consultation or procedure appointment on a different day. Or if our schedule permits, we will make accommodations for you to leave your pet with us for a short period of time while the procedures are performed.
  6. At the end of your appointment, discharge instructions will be provided and reviewed. In addition, your pet's next progress consultation will be scheduled. Follow up phone calls regarding lab results will be made when the lab results are available. Please leave both daytime and evening phone numbers to contact you.
  7. After your appointment, please visit our Web site to find additional information to reference, and to fill out and submit a quick online CLIENT SURVEY. We strongly value your opinions and suggestions, so please be as honest as possible. You can also submit the survey anonymously.

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  • High-Quality Veterinary Medical Care Since 2008
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Trusted & Recommended

    My husband and I are so grateful for all of the staff for helping us through this difficult time. While heartbroken, we have full closure on his passing thanks to the entire Compassionate Care team.

    “When my husband and I moved back to New York a year ago, we were nervous about finding a vet that could help us with our cat that had a very long health history. However, we were in the BEST hands ...”

    - Kelly Bracken
    Thank you again Compassionate Care.

    “My husband and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. John Endres, his wife Connie and their staff. Thank you again Compassionate Care.”

    - Kathy White Campagna
    They saved our dog, Maggie.

    “Compassionate Care has a special place in our family's heart. They saved our dog, Maggie... We are so grateful for the excellent care of Dr. Enders and his entire staff.”

    - Aileen Monroe
    Always a great experience!

    “Always a great experience! Caring, compassionate, friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with my extremely anxious mini golden doodle! Thanks Dr. Endres and team!”

    - Jillian Fiorini
    The staff and Dr. Endres are amazing!!!

    “The staff and Dr. Endres are amazing!!! We drive almost an hour because they are SO good to our animals and to us! We not only get the best level of medical care, the level of care, compassion and understanding is outstanding!”

    - Chrissy Rode

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