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Preparing for Anesthesia & Surgery in Manlius

Comprehensive Guide to Your Pet's Surgery

As a rule, your pet should not eat anything after midnight before your pet's surgery. It is necessary to have an empty stomach so that your pet does not vomit during anesthesia. Vomiting during anesthesia may cause food or fluid to enter the lungs and increase your pet's chances of developing pneumonia. Under some circumstances, for example, anesthesia involving very young puppies and kittens, you may be given instructions to feed your pet up to a few hours before its anesthesia.

Some medications should be given to your pet the day of anesthesia and others should not. It is important to discuss this with our team. Do not interrupt medications unless we recommend it.

Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital of Manlius, P.C. takes the preparation of your pet’s surgery very seriously. Call our office today at (315) 508-7884 for answers to any pre-surgery questions.

What to Expect on Your Pet's Surgery Day

When you arrive at our hospital the day of surgery, our customer service representative will greet you and update any relevant information. Then you will meet one of the specially trained veterinary technicians who will be directly involved with the care of your pet on the day of its surgery. The technician will review any medical and anesthesia history, go through the admission process, and will answer any further questions you may have. Please provide contact information and at least one telephone number where you can be reached during your pet's hospital stay.

The veterinary technician will:

  • be with your pet throughout anesthesia
  • be with your pet during surgery and recovery
  • record your pet's vital signs
  • evaluate your pet with the veterinarian to complete any medical assessment and laboratory tests

Your pet's veterinarian and the technician assigned to your pet are personally responsible for your pet's comfort and well-being. The veterinarian leads the anesthesia care team to monitor as well as manage your pet's vital body functions during your surgery. Your pet's veterinarian is also responsible for managing medical problems that might arise related to surgery.

After surgery, your pet will be taken to the post anesthesia recovery area. Your pet's veterinarian will direct the monitoring and medications needed for your pet's safe recovery. Your pet will be watched closely by your pet's veterinary technician until it has fully recovered from anesthesia. During this period, your pet may be given extra oxygen or other medications as indicated. Your pet's vital signs and pain assessment will be observed closely.

Understanding Anesthesia Side Effects for Pets

The amount of discomfort your pet experiences will depend on several factors, especially the type of surgery. We decrease the amount of pain your pet will experience by beginning the treatment of pain before your pet's surgery, during the surgical procedure and in recovery.

Nausea or vomiting may be related to anesthesia, the type of surgical procedure or postoperative pain medications. Although less of a problem today because of improved anesthetic agents and techniques, these side effects may occur for some of our patients. Please call if your pet has any symptoms or problems, or if you have any concerns.

Bringing Your Pet Home 

A discharge appointment will be scheduled with to meet with the doctor or a member of our healthcare team to discharge your pet. Both written and verbal instructions specific to your pet's anesthesia and surgery will be given to you when your pet goes home. It is strongly suggested that you have someone stay with your pet during the first 12 hours after sedation or 24 hours after anesthesia.

Call our hospital at (315) 508-7884 if you have any concerns regarding your pet or if your pet needs emergency help after you go home. If we cannot be reached, contact the VETERINARY MEDICAL CENTER of CNY at 315-446-7933.

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  • High-Quality Veterinary Medical Care Since 2008
  • Involved Caring For & Educating Our Community
  • Rave Reviews from Our Clients
  • Educational Approach to Pet Care
  • Continuity of Care
  • Conscientious & Comprehensive Exams

Trusted & Recommended

    My husband and I are so grateful for all of the staff for helping us through this difficult time. While heartbroken, we have full closure on his passing thanks to the entire Compassionate Care team.

    “When my husband and I moved back to New York a year ago, we were nervous about finding a vet that could help us with our cat that had a very long health history. However, we were in the BEST hands ...”

    - Kelly Bracken
    Thank you again Compassionate Care.

    “My husband and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. John Endres, his wife Connie and their staff. Thank you again Compassionate Care.”

    - Kathy White Campagna
    They saved our dog, Maggie.

    “Compassionate Care has a special place in our family's heart. They saved our dog, Maggie... We are so grateful for the excellent care of Dr. Enders and his entire staff.”

    - Aileen Monroe
    Always a great experience!

    “Always a great experience! Caring, compassionate, friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with my extremely anxious mini golden doodle! Thanks Dr. Endres and team!”

    - Jillian Fiorini
    The staff and Dr. Endres are amazing!!!

    “The staff and Dr. Endres are amazing!!! We drive almost an hour because they are SO good to our animals and to us! We not only get the best level of medical care, the level of care, compassion and understanding is outstanding!”

    - Chrissy Rode

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