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Payment Policy

In order to maintain our hospital and provide your pet with high quality veterinary care, it is required that every client be prepared to pay for services at the time they are rendered.

We do not want finances to be an obstacle in obtaining your companion's health care needs. We offer a number of options to help with the payment of your pet's treatment.

You may pay for your visits and any treatments by cash, check, credit cards (VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®), or CareCredit® payment plans.

CareCredit® is a payment option when an unanticipated illness or injury occurs. Learn more about CareCredit® by visiting or by asking us for details.

Pet Insurance

There are multiple companies currently offering insurance plans for your pets. By doing some investigation, you are able to choose a plan that is right for you and your pet. Almost all companies allow you to choose any licensed veterinarian or specialist for your pet's health care needs. The policy holder pays for the health care service at the time of their visit and then seeks reimbursement from their insurance company. Our staff will help complete the claim submission form and then you, the policy holder, mails that form to the insurance company with a copy of the invoice. Reimbursements are sent directly to the policy holder.

We do not endorse any insurance company. It is the policy holder's responsibility to investigate the best policy for their pets.For more information, including specifics on companies offering pet health insurance, check out:

Pet Insurance Review

American Animal Hospital Association Pet Insurance articles

However, some insurance companies to consider mentioned by our colleagues and clients include:

Embrace Insurance

Pets Best Insurance

Pet Health Insurance: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: Many options now exist that make the cost of insuring your pet's health quite affordable. Policies range from less than $300 to over $600 per year.

The Bad: You usually get what you pay for! Policies that promise the world for peanuts and seem too good to be true almost certainly are. Insurance companies are in business to make money, not to help pets.

The Good: At this time, pet health insurance companies don't restrict your choice of veterinarians or try to dictate what you can spend on services.

The Bad: Many companies severely limit what conditions they cover or how much they will reimburse. First example: One major company won't cover any condition it deems genetic or congenital in nature. Second example: Another company will pay for a lifelong condition the year it is diagnosed, but excludes it the following years. Third example: Another company limits the payment per illness to only $500. READ THE FINE PRINT!

The Good: You don't have to shop around for a veterinarian who "accepts" your policy. Virtually any national company will cover you for service done by any licensed veterinarian. (Plus, most veterinarians don't charge for helping submit your claim.)

The Bad: You have to pay the veterinary and hospital's fees up front and then seek reimbursement from your insurer.

The Good: Having the right policy could make the difference in a life-and-death decision. If you enroll your pet at a young age, it's possible to have coverage that lasts your pet's entire life.

The Bad: If you wait until a condition is already diagnosed, or "forget" to renew on time, you probably won't be covered.

The Ugly: Insurance companies are in business to make money. Many companies have come and gone over the years – emphasis on "gone." Those that make it are the ones that make the most money. Those that offer the best "deal" may mean well, but not be able to live up to their promises when you really need them. As in every contract, read the fine print and research the company before you send money!

Written by Lillian Roberts, D.V.M.